Things You Must Include in Your Family Camping List

Things You Must Include in Your Family Camping List

Though camping with family is not an easy task as you will have to arrange a number of things to make yourself and your family members comfortable at the camping site but you cannot fulfill the requirements of everyone with you. Still, you should try to prepare a family camping list to ensure what best you can do for your family members on such trips. 
If you have planned a camping trip with your family then your camping checklist should include following items. 

Gear for campsite
Make a separate list of the campsite gear! You must include in this list Tent, skates, poles, the footprint for the tent to cover the ground under it, additional canopy or tarp, sleeping pad and sleeping bag for every individual camper. 

camping gear

Accessories for campsite
You should also include some accessories to make your family camping trip successful. Your checklist should include repair kit for repairing mattress, pads, trap or tent as and when required, additional blankets, pillows, chairs, flashlights or headlamps with additional batteries or fuel or battery operated lanterns. These things will make your trip comfortable especially at night.

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Camping kitchen tools
Your family camping list should include tools required for cooking food at the campsite. These tools may include stove with fuel, firewood, lighter or matchbox, cooking pots, frying pan, portable French press coffee maker and corkscrew to help in cooking food easily. You should also include kitchen supplies in your camping checklist to enjoy the trip with your family more comfortably. These kitchen supplies may include sticks for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows, tablecloth, trash bags, bags and containers for the storage of food, ice water cooler, cups, and mugs.

camping kitchen tools

Cutlery and accessories
You should also include water bottles, plates, forks, knives, bowls and spoons, cooking spoons, paring knife, and spatula. You should also add foil, cutting board, dishcloth, paper towel, dishtowel and sponge along with biodegradable soap and extra bin to wash dishes in this checklist. 

Suitable Food For Camping
Your checklist should also include certain food items like oatmeal, cereals, eggs, coffee, batter mix, breakfast bars, butter or margarine, syrups, bread, jam, soup mixes, dried meals, salt, and pepper, tea, cooking spray, drink mixes, powdered milk, vegetables, and fruits etc. 

Camping food

Clothes for family 
Your family camping checklist should also include the clothes required at the campsite. Your checklist should include clothes for all of the family members accompanying you like daytime clothes, swimsuits, sleepwear, various types of shoes like water shoes and walking or hiking shoes, raincoat and clothes to wear in rain.
While planning a camping trip with family you should also include some clothes in your checklist to give warmth to you and your family members. These clothes can include gloves, hats and additional clothes to layer up to get warmth when required.

warm camping clothes

Things for personal use
Your family camping list should also include certain items you use personally in your daily routine to live a comfortable life. These items may include insect repellent, sunscreen, prescription medicines, first aid kit, soap, toothbrush and other toiletries.

Additional items
Your checklist should also include some items to make your family camping trip memorable. These items can include confirmation of reservation of campsite, camera, information about the area, maps, toys, bikes, and supplies for your pet.

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