How to purify and store water! Very important!

How to purify and store water! Very important!


The Absolute Necessity

Bare minimum per person per day for cooking and drinking is 1 Gallon.

Add additional water for bathing & washing.

How to Purify Water

Before purifying water in any manner, filter out debris by passing it through a clean cloth.


Bring water to a full rolling boil for at least 5 minutes. Add another minute per 1000 ft. that you are above sea level. After boiling, you may improve the taste of the water by pouring it  back and forth from one container to another to aerate it.


Use bleach that has sodium hypo-chlorite as its only active ingredient. Add the following dosage according to clear or cloudy water then let stand for 30 minutes. A slight oder of chlo- rine should be detectable if the water is properly treated. Add a little more until smell is detectable.

                         QUART                      GALLON

Clear                2 Drops                       8 Drops

Cloudy            4 Drops                       16 Drops



2% Tincture

Clear                3 Drops                       12 Drops

Cloudy              6 Drops                       24 Drops
Wait 30 minutes before using water.


Usually 1 tablet per quart. Double if cloudy. These can be bought at most drug stores.

Mechanical Filters

There are many filters to choose from that can filter out the contaminants. Price ranges between $10-600. The Katadyn PF Pocket Filter is one of the better ones. It can filter 1 quart of water per minute, weighs 23 ounces, is about the size of a flashlight.

How to Store Water:


FDA approved Plastic drums, Mylar bags, Glass bottles or jars, Water heaters - These containers don’t allow for gases, vapors, odors or light.

Polyethylene plastics (Milk, water, bleach containers) - These pick up odors, vapors & light. Also are biodegradable and will leak.  

Waterbeds, toilet tanks, inside pipes. Purify if in doubt.