Portable Outdoor Cooking Set

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Approved anodized aluminum pot and frying pan make it non-stick ,easy to clean. 

8 pcs outdoor camping pot set, practical and multi-functions.

The pot has folding handles for space saving and compactness.

It can be fitted together to keep your overall space consumption to a minimum.

Perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, emergency preparedness, or as part of a survival kit.



Comes with storage bag, all the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in bag for space saving and convenient carry. 

Oxford bag with drawstring, which can be carried anywhere you go. 

Lightweight and extremely durable, perfect for camping backpacking.



Material: Stainless steel

Color: multicolor

Pan frying pan (1) size: 145*40 (MM), (about 0.66L)

The pot (1) size: 135*75 (MM), (1.06L)

Bowl *2: diameter 11CM * high 3.5CM

Pan *1: diameter 13.6CM,

1 Spoon, 1 bamboo spoon, 1 wash the ball, 1 stainless steel spoon

Number: 1-2 person

Package size: 157x 92 x 160mm


Package included:

1 x Small Pot with cover lid

1 x Frying Pan

1 x Spoon

1 x Bamboo Spoon

1 x Wash the ball 

1 x Stainless steel spoon

2 x Bowls

1 x Storage Bag